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E-Learning Modules are underway

E-learning modules addressed to Dye, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics and Soap Industries on the following areas;

  • Raw Material
  • Production processes
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Waste and
  • Packaging

have been prepared by project partners and their translation into languages of countries of project partners are underway.

POLISAN Paint Company contributed to the preparation of contents of Paint e-learning module.  Paint module contains water-based paint production, solvent-based paint production, alkyd resin production, raw materials used in paint production as well as their properties, waste originated from paint production, occupational health and safety subjects.  In order to make paint module interactive, videos describing the paint production stages are prepared by primarily Polisan Paint Company as well as Füller Paint Company, Kayalar Paint Compnay and Asal Paint Company.

Pharmaceutical module provides information about excipients in solid powder tablet production, tablet production methods, tabletting, tablet coating and waste subjects.  In order to make pharmaceutical module interactive, the written approval for using the videos/animations about tablet production published by Glatt Company in YouTube.com is obtained with the support of Excellence United Turkey (Izmir), Turkey representative of Glatt Company.

Plastics production module provides information about plastics production technologies, polymers, raw materials, additives, occupational health and safety and waste subjects.  In order to make said module interactive, preparation works for videos is continuing.

Soap module provides information about solid soap production methods, oils and fats used, additives and waste origins subjects.

The initial version of e-platform has been developed and after uploading e-learning modules prepared to the e-platform, it will be tested in Lithuania, Poland and Turkey with the participation of target group of the project.  In line with the feedbacks from attendants, the final versions of the e-learning modules will be published.